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Father and daughter in a wheat field, crop insurance
Sleep Easier with Cash Flow Protection for Your Farm
A simple solution to a complex problem

Grain farming is a tough business. Year after year you seed crops, committed to giving your best and producing the best possible harvest despite facing a stacked deck of unpredictable challenges. Cash flow is the key to your healthy farm business. The Whole Farm Crop Revenue Protection Policy from Just Solutions Agriculture could be your simple step toward peace of mind.

Predictable cash flow gives you the freedom to choose

It allows you to:


Pay your bills

on time

Purchase inputs ahead of next season before they jump in price

Invest in your own infrastructure and improve your profitability

Spend less time worrying about your finances and more time with the ones that matter most

Take that family vacation you’ve been thinking about before your kids get too old

Purchase inputs ahead of next season
Silo - invest in your own infrastructure and improve profitabilty
Pay your bills on time
Airplane, vacation

Knowing your cash flow is secure is what allows you to plan for tomorrow and sleep easier tonight.

"It's a simple solution for a complex problem and everything that they requested for information I already had so it was easy to send things in."

Craig, Central Alberta

Buying Hail Insurance? 

Hail insurance is necessary to protect your farm from financial loss. We believe that every farm should have a strategy on how to protect their cash flow. This includes your hail insurance purchase. Don't leave it up to chance, Just Solutions can help you develop a unique and comprehensive plan for your Hail Insurance purchase. Call us to get a free hail analysis for your farm today.

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